St Helena

St Helena is the 2nd most remote place in the world (after ‘neighbouring’ island Tristan da Cunha) and the most remote place that actually has a resident population. It’s 1,500 mile from the nearest continent (Angola, Africa) and only just a bit more to Brazil so really is right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. If you type it into google maps, it’s just a small dot in a vast sea of blue, it also takes along time of scrolling out before you see any other land at all; try it. The only way to get here is by boat, 5 days sailing from Cape Town. The island is served by and reliant upon the last ‘Mail Ship’ left in the world, the RMS St Helena, which visits about every 3 weeks. This provides all transport for the population of 4,000 along with all the goods that a place might need. It’s also the last place on earth to have no mobile communication network at all. Imagine that, no mobile phones. It’s a unique and special place and I hope my blog comes close to doing it justice.

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