About me…

I’m a 30 something who has spent most of my life doing the geeky/boring things, you know, like buying a house at 21, becoming a local Councillor at 23, standing in a general election at 30. After 8 years in local politics and working in local government and after getting booted out of office by the electorate I had an early mid life crisis and decided to up sticks and move half way round the world to St Helena. Probably the first really interesting thing I’ve ever done and definitely the bravest.

I’m an economist by degree and profession and having worked for Leeds City Council as the Economic Policy Manager for what seemed like an awful lot of years I became the Chief Economist for the government here. Originally from Lincoln I’m a proud Yellerbelly and still love my home county, despite moving away to Lancaster University at 18 and staying away ever since. I moved to York straight after Uni and have lived there ever since, well, until now.

Politically I now describe myself as a Liberal and a Democrat which would probably and correctly lead you to think that I was a Liberal Democrat in the past. Unfortunately after 15 years as a member and an awful lot of elections I became disillusioned with all politics after the 2010 general elections, not the compromises that come with coalitions but the untruths that even the Lib Dems started telling and even believing themselves. I therefore left party politics and began volunteering for charities and local organisations where I could do something that I felt was important. I’d like to return to local politics one day, but probably not with a political party, despite how much I miss party conference.

I’m sport mad, love cricket, football (Everton) and horse racing in particular, but will watch anything, especially if it’s of a high quality and have played an awful lot both in the past and present, and hopefully the future too. But it’s the horse racing that I really miss from home. Missing my annual pilgrimage with dad to the Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot leave me feeling more than a little homesick.

3 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Hi,

    I’m a former employee of Leeds City Council, living in Lincolnshire (Sleaford) and a graduate of Lancaster University. Uncanny how similar my background is! I’ll be out on St Helena in April as I now work for the Met Office and will be there to set up and do the first stint forecasting at the airport. Look forward to meeting you. Any advice on anything with bringing out that’s tough to get hold of on the island?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Hi Nick, nice to hear from you. That really is uncanny. I know Sleaford very well, my family are from the nearby village of Metheringham.
      On things to bring, it really depends, you can get most things (not all of the time) but if you like specific brands then bring those eg Hellmans Mayonnaise, other brands are available. Dried herbs are good to bring though their availability is getting better. If you like bread bring a bread maker, likewise yoghurt. Depending on where you live then fans are essential and hard to come by, a dehumidifier if you’re in the centre, Britta water filter and plenty of filters are a must as are mosquito plug ins/repellant. If you have any other specific questions before you leave do let me know.

      • Hi Tom,

        I know Metherigham really well. I have been a member of the squash club there for the last 5 years, I was playing last night. Thanks for the advise, that’s great to know. I’ll get a package in the post ASAP (bread maker, and mosquito plug included).

        I was Fylde College in my Lancaster days that spanned 2004-2007. Happy if not hazy memories of some great times in the Sugarhouse and other venues around the town.

        I’m heading down to St Helena via Ascension (I’ve been here a few times previously with work) so should arrive on St Helena on the 4th of April. Look forward to meeting you too and grabbing a beer.

        I see you have recently returned from the UK, but if there are any little bits you want me to bring out let me know. Enjoyed reading the blog.



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